Wednesday, May 31, 2017

23 signed in today to for the final day of finish work. By noon, all the painting, caulking, door locks, window screens, blinds, door seals, bathroom mirrors and towel racks were finished and everything cleaned. Only thing missing was the plumber! Welcome to Alex, Carol's grandson.

Today's lunch was "Clean the Freezer Out."  Chicken Tenders, Gravy, Tater Tot Casserole, Mac/Cheese, Mexican Dish, Hot  Artesian Bread/Butter.  Dessert was Chocolate Creme Cake and Sock it to Me Cake.  Served 35.
The Wednesday Lunch Gals want to Thank every one that brought food for our Lunches, September thru May.  We hope each of you have a great and safe Summer.  See you in September.  We also want to Thank Jan Pope for helping out when we needed help.    Ruby & Shirley.
PS:  Ruby and Shirley want to Thank Carol for the cute Flower Watering Can with Flowers.

Photos by Molly

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Our faithful painting crew did their magic on Thursday (See photos).

About 10 volunteers worked today to finish, as much as possible, our final house of the year, the home of Alejandro and Filiberta. Work included kitchen cabinets, counter tops, baseboards, a little caulking and one Mr. Rogers shelf (?!).

A special treat was celebrating the burning of another mortgage by Able and Maria Gamez. (Photo)

The home was dedicated at 12:30, much to the joy of its new owners and all the volunteers!

A little work remains, but we can call this a successful year and take the rest of the summer off. See you in September!

Photos by Molly.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

 25 volunteers including homeowner Filiberta arrived to do what finish work they could, as we wait for contractors. The floors and windows were covered, trim and caulk work was done.

The 7th Day Adventist Church did the honors today with a lunch Feast.  Casseroles, Salads, and the Dessert  Table, the workers love.  Apple Cobblers, Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Fruit, Lemon Cake Whip Cream.   Thank You Pastor Danny, Beth, Chris, and Linda.  Served 40 today. 

Don't forget! 
Alejandro & Filiberta's 
12:30, May 27th
3403 Trailwood Ct.

Photos by Molly.