Wednesday, April 26, 2017

27 volunteers helped get 3817 Canyon ready for dedication on Saturday. Grass was put down, cleaning in general, bathroom finished, door seal installed and power pole removed. 3403 Trailwood had the scaffold removed, windows installed, siding started, soffits and porch work, HVAC work and construction locks installed.

Welcome new volunteer Jason Day!

Lunch today was by the 7th Day Adventist Church.  Theme was Mexican Party.  Delicious Casseroles, Bean Soup, Corn Bread, Taco Salad Chips, Black Olives and Cole Slaw.  Dessert table was Apple Cobbler, Brownies, Cheesecake, and a Trifle. Served 40 today. All we needed was a Mariachi Band .  Thank You Pastor Danny, Beth, Linda,Bob, Nita, and Chris.

Please attend the dedication this Saturday at 12:30 for Victor & Maria!

Photos by Molly.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Work today included base boards, cabinet knobs, caulk & paint base boards, install stove, refrigerator, towel hangers and clothes rods.

Homeowners Victor & Marie, Alejandro & Filiberta worked today along with new volunteer Hunter.

Lunch provided today by Shelley & Audie, Lakeside Baptist church.

Photos by Molly.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

27 volunteers started the day finishing the 4 bedroom roof and installing blinds, locks, etc. on the 3 bedroom, which is nearing completion.

Lunch today was by the Granbury Women's Club, A picnic lunch of Fried Chicken, Rolls, Beans, Potato Salad, 3 different choices. A Pasta and Pea Salad from the Presbyterian Church.  Yummy Desserts of Chocolate too.  Fed 35 today.  Thank You Irene, Gerri, Ona, Sherrie, Dorothy, and Tessa and Binica. 


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

29 volunteers this morning. Lots of roof work on 3403 to enable decking. 3717 had downspout drainpipes dug in, electrical box painted and cabinets installed. Welcome new volunteer Andrew Templeman.

Lunch today was by Ladies of St. Francis Cabrini Church.  Assorted Sandwiches of Ham, Turkey, Cheese and Pimento Cheese, Baked Beans, Chips, Cottage/Pineapple/ Cherries Salad, Cookies and Brownies.  We served 43 today.  Thank You Cecile, Mary ,Jean, Marylin, Judy, Elise and Marcia.
Happy Easter from Ruby & Shirley - Wednesday Lunch Gals.



Starting on the 19th, we begin work at 08:30

Photos by Molly.