Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Good turnout for a beautiful day. Finished the decking and paper and removed the scaffold from Troy & Teresa's house, attic work on Jayme & Sanjuana's house.

54 enjoyed lunch brought by The 7th Day Adventist Church, Granbury. The table Cloths, plates and Napkins were Halloween theme.  Behold a Banquet for the workers and all to enjoy.  Casseroles, Salads, Vegetable dishes, and a table of Desserts.  Apple Pie, Blackberry Cobbler, Pumpkin Breads, Fruit Salad, Blondie's. Time for a Siesta, but had to return to work.  THANK YOU Pastor Danny and Church Members.

Prayers for Shirley Wright,  a Wednesday lunch helper. she is still under the weather.  Get well soon Shirley  we miss you.

Photos by Tom & Molly.

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