Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Homeowners Victor and Angie joined the usual suspects today to do siding, baseboards, caulking, doors, porch railing and closets.

Later in the morning, 36 GHS students from the Civil Engineering and Architecture class joined us to learn about measuring and marking the next slab by following the blueprint. They stayed for lunch and then took a bus tour of the Rancho Brazos development. Thanks to Steve for meeting with the three classes yesterday at GHS and for providing guidance today.

Pizza Party today for lunch, by AUMC Bible Explorer Class.  3 different varieties of Pizza, Sallye's FAMOUS SALAD, Brownies and Wanda's Special Squares.  We fed 50 today. The Civil Engineering Class helped finish the Pizza and Brownies.  Hope the Class can come back.  Thank You Ed & Sallye.  Good to have Shirley Wright back to her lunch duties.

Photos by Tom & Molly.