Wednesday, December 7, 2016

20 volunteers on this crisp morning. Homeowners Troy and Teresa were front and center as we near their dedication on Saturday, December 17, 12:30!

Lunch today was by Cowboy Triple Cross Church, Sherrie Templeton's SS Class.  This chilly day, Chili, Vegetable Soup, Chicken Soup and Beans sure hit the spot .  Frito's, Tortilla Chips, Corn Bread, Sherrie's Pickles, Jalapenos, and Green Salad.  Dessert, Banana Pudding, Brownies, Pumpkin Cookies and a assortment of other Cookies. The workers were treated to a feast.    
Thank You , Sherrie, Sara, Pat, Esta, Judy and Arden.

Let's not forget today is Pearl Harbor Day.

Photos by Tom & co.