Saturday, April 13, 2024

#117 4008 Sundown Trail
#118 4010 Sundown Trail

Twenty volunteers including 6 from FNB worked on houses 4008 and 4010. 

On house 4008 the fence was nearly completed, the front part of the fence due to a gate post being measured wrong and cut too short was not completed. That part will be ready to complete next work day.

On house 4010, we were able to complete 4 of the 5 outside walls. The home owners were there to help on raising the first wall.

Lunch was provided by First United Methodist Church.

Photos by Molly.

Our Family Selection committee brought good news to our next class of homeowners!

Saturday, April 6, 2024

#117 4008 Sundown Trail
#118 4010 Sundown Trail

We had 18 volunteers.  Granbury Church of Christ provided lunch.  Final cleaning of 4008 was done in preparation for the dedication and the slab at 4010 was marked. 

The dedication for the Thompson family started on time at 12:30.  Erik and Nicole Thompson as well as their children Madison, Olivia, Grayson and Jackson were there.  In addition, there were approximately 30 folks who were family and or friends of the Thompson’s as well as 15 (or so) Habitat volunteers that attended.  Chuck Kitchens from StoneWater Church was our Spiritual leader for the ceremony.  Pat Sullivan was given special recognition for building and donating a picnic table for the Thompson family.  Rancho Brazos resident, and Habitat homeowner, Kendra Litke stopped by and presented the Thompson’s with a gift basket from her family to theirs.  

See you on our next workday, Wednesday April 10th

photos by Molly